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Detecting an animated GIF in PHP

Following function detects if the GIF contains an animation (it has more than 1 frame) or is just a static file. function isAnimatedGif($filename) { $filecontents=file_get_contents($filename);   $str_loc=0; $count=0;   // There is no point in continuing after we find a 2nd frame while ($count < 2) { $where1=strpos($filecontents,"\x00\x21\xF9\x04", $str_loc); if ($where1 === FALSE) { break; […]

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Installing Canon PIXMA iP2600 printer in Ubuntu 9.04 64-bits

While I was in UK, I bought a  Canon PIXMA iP2600 printer. It was not expensive at all and the ink was not as expensive as other printers, so I though it would be a good purchase for the price. The thing is that when I tried to install the printer in Ubuntu 64-bit, there […]

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