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Manso Trick: simple strip HTML tags using Python

The idea is to make a simple function that strips all HTML tags on a given string. I know the following code might not seem the best code in the world, but keep in mind that I’m just looking for a simple function that does the job. def stripHTMLTags (html): """ Strip HTML tags from […]

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MansoGrover: difference between FIXME and TODO

Hello there, this is your old pal Grover, and today I’m going to talk to you about the difference between a FIXME and a TODO in a comment. FIXME: should be used when is a hack, a hardcoded constant, variable, function or something critical, and something that should be removed before the next release. Usually […]

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Using EXIF information to rotate an image

EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. It is basically an de-facto specification that almost every single digital camara in the world is using today. This specification defines how extra data could be embedded in a JPEG or TIFF image, so when you make a photo with your digital camera, saves  extra information about which […]

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