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Manso Trick: simple strip HTML tags using Python

The idea is to make a simple function that strips all HTML tags on a given string. I know the following code might not seem the best code in the world, but keep in mind that I’m just looking for a simple function that does the job. def stripHTMLTags (html): """ Strip HTML tags from […]

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Writing clean and semantically correct HTML

Web Designer Wall people has writen a post titled Coding Clean and Semantic Templates that basically gives some advices on how to write proper HTML code for templates. Briefly, the list of advices that they give are: Minimize the use of  <div> Use  the <div> tag only  for the layout: header, content, sidebar, and footer […]

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Where is the cursor in a input or textarea?

I’ve just found a website with an interesting example forwhere is the cursor and which text is selected (if any) in an input and textarea. The truth is this code is not for daily use, but it’s quite interesting to see the possibilities of javascript (well in fact I was looking for this because I […]

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