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New web for playing Flash games

I’ve been thinking of making a games website for a while. I’ve finally decided to go ahead and do a website with Flash games. The truth is, that lately I’ve been really busy with lots of things that have nothing to do with games, but this Saturday I needed to disconnect and  work on something […]

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MansoGrover: difference between FIXME and TODO

Hello there, this is your old pal Grover, and today I’m going to talk to you about the difference between a FIXME and a TODO in a comment. FIXME: should be used when is a hack, a hardcoded constant, variable, function or something critical, and something that should be removed before the next release. Usually […]

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Continuous deployment

Some time ago I read about continuous deployment process concept on the Eric Ries blog. Software deployment is the process of making the next version of your product available to everybody.  For example, if you own a website, and you or your development team has made some bug fixes, implemented some features the moment you […]

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