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CSS3 rounded corners

CSS3 support for rounded corners is not news, what I haven’t realized yet, was that some browsers support rounded corners natively (in fact, the support has been added long time ago). According to the CSS3 spec, it should be enough to use the style “border-radius” to set the rounding, unfortunatelly, browsers do not support this […]

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WordPress 2.7 and multi-language support

I started writing this blog in Spanish, around one month ago, and I was thinking somehow that it would be great to write some of the articles in both Spanish and English, so I decided to do my move on this, and add support for multiple languages. Apart from the multi-language thing, I was also […]

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Flags of the world free icons

When one is developing a multi-lingual website it’s really useful to have images with the flags of the world. As in the internet there are hundreds of thousands million web pages, it’s not easy to find a free icon set with all world flags. Following this link you will find flags for 247 countries!, and […]

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