New web for playing Flash games

I’ve been thinking of making a games website for a while. I’ve finally decided to go ahead and do a website with Flash games.

The truth is, that lately I’ve been really busy with lots of things that have nothing to do with games, but this Saturday I needed to disconnect and  work on something totally different (to dissestress myself :p), so I though on a challenge.  I told myself: “Let’s see if I am able to do a complete website of games before the end of the weekend”

I’m proud to announce NextGameGen, the new website where you can play tons of games for FREE.

I’ve made myself the whole website (even the part that upload and introduces games in the system) between Saturday and Sunday. I dedicated 4 hours on Saturday afternoon, 4 hours on Sunday morning, and 8 hours on Sunday afternoon/night. Quite intensive programming session 😉

The truth is that I’m very happy with the result. In just 16 hours a complete website of games from scratch. I only dedicated 45 minutes extra today, to add a couple of buttons to allow Sharing games in Facebook, twitter & friends, add some ads and fixing  a couple of bugs.

I know there are things that can be improved, and that there are a couple of bugs (invisible to the human eye), but the website is fully functional, so if you want, you can play right now!

The site even recommends some games according to the game you are playing to (although the algorithm is far from being perfect right now).

Now its time to grow the visits of the website. I’m planning to use ShareUsers, which is a FREE service to do automatic link exchange, and to get lots and lots of free traffic from different webs (more about this in another post).

That’s all I have to say. You can try and play some nice games, and I’m here waiting from any feedback or criticism about the games web 😉

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