MansoGrover: difference between FIXME and TODO

Hello there, this is your old pal Grover, and today I’m going to talk to you about the difference between a FIXME and a TODO in a comment.

  • FIXME: should be used when is a hack, a hardcoded constant, variable, function or something critical, and something that should be removed before the next release. Usually FIXMEs are used to do a fast prototyping, or to move forward in the software product.
  • TODO: should be used when explaining some improvments or when you have to do a (usually complex) change, or you are too lazy to do it in that particular moment.

Remember, if it is something critical, and the software could not be released without that code or fix, then use a FIXME; on the other hand, if the change will not affect the proper behaviour of the program, and you are comfortable in leaving the code as it is, then use TODO.

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