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jQuery 1.4.1 is out

Some weeks after the release of jQuery 1.4, now the first bug fix release for this fantastic javascript framework is out. The new version fixes several bugs, and includes some improvements. Download jQuery 1.4.1 and have a look at the release notes.

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jcontroller: A small and simple controller for javascript

It’s been a long time since the last post, so I’ve though Hey! I’m loosing users, I cannot let that happen, let’s get something from any project I’ve done recently, so I can do a post :p The thing is that I recently noticed that the javascript I’ve been writing lately becomes messy after some […]

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Firebug 1.5 crashes on Ubuntu 64-bit

This morning I got an update message from Firefox for updating firebug to the latest 1.5 version. I’ve installed it, but when I tried to click on the icon…. booooom!! Firefox window has dissapeared. According to this post in the Firebug blog, the crash will be solved on future versions of Firefox (3.5.8). Just in […]

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