Google Chrome for Linux

Today I’ve received an e-mail from Google telling me that they launched the new beta for linux of their browser Google Chrome.  It’s been a while since they first launched a version for Windows.

As you might expect, I’ve downloaded and installed this brand new version of Chrome for Linux and I installed on my Ubuntu 64-bit laptop.

The truth is that it caused me a great impression, when I launched google-chrome command, the browser just appeared in a fraction of a second. I though Opera was quite amazing at rendering the browser, but now I think Chrome is even faster.

The next thing I tried is the typing test of ARTypist, and it worked amazingly well. I know it uses internally a lot of javascript, and it all works great.  Even the CSS displays properly well, and since several months ago I haven’t tried to run ARTypist on Chrome 🙂

Finally, after visiting another couple of web sites I realized flash worked as well without me having to install any plugin. I don’t know if it has detected the flash plugin was already installed (probably), but it’s great having it working on all pages. At the first sight, it seems the browser seems it’s working well 🙂

Right now I’m not planning to change Firefox by Chrome, but at least I can test my webs on Chrome without having to open a virtual machine with Windows.

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