Transfer a twitter application from one user to another

If you have a twitter account maybe you have played with twitter API, or even you have made a twitter application for integrating the “Sign in with Twitter”, or maybe you have created an application for something else.

Anyway, these days I’ve been working in integrating the Sign in with Twitter and Sign in with Facebook in the typing web (I haven’t released the new changes yet). I’ve been thinking that it will be a good idea to create a user called “artypist” in twitter to post the news of the web, so once I created that user I though it will be a good idea as well to move my ARTypist application from my user (amniotic) to the new artypist user. The only problem I found is that there is no option in twitter that says “Transfer this application to another twitter user”.

After this, my first though was removing the application and creating it back on the other user. This was not possible !  Twitter does not allow to remove applications once created…

A couple of minutes later I got another idea… And this new idea worked!!

To transfer a twitter application  (say APP) from one user (A) to another user (B) the only thing you need to do is to log in twitter as A, then edit the application settings and rename it to APP2, then logout and log in as B, and now you can create the application APP again. As the name has been “released” it can be used by another application 😀

I hope this helps somebody!

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  1. Andy
    22/03/2011 at 8:03 am Permalink

    I’m really pleased to hear that this worked.

    We have an iPhone app that uses sharekit to send tweets through a twitter app.
    We set up a test twitter app for development but now need to transfer ownership to the client for production. We could delete our app and get the client to create one of their own. We could follow your suggestion to get around the issue of unique names. However, the client would then have to change the API key (or equivalent) that’s configured into their app. Normally they could just issue an update via the App Store, but things are a little more complex in our case.

    There are a couple of tweets / posts that indicate that twitter support can transfer an app between accounts. As I type, I’ve just received an email reply from twitter support to this effect.

    If you email “” with the details then they can sort this out. You need to email from the address registered against the account that currently owns the twitter app and include the name of the twitter account to which you wish to transfer the app.