Rounding corners: the javascript way

After taking a look on how round corners on some browsers, I think it’s worth exploring other methods, like doing this with javascript.

Rounding corners is not difficult, in general, the problem is that you should use some “hacks”,  it is not the same rounding corners using a style on a unique DIV, than using 3 DIVS or create a TABLE with background images in order to emulate this effect.

Unfortunately, as the Internet Explorer (even version 6) is still widely used, doing what I’ve explained on the previous post is not a good practice at all.

Anyway, for practical use, as I’ve said before, there are other easy methods to let people see rounded corners no matter its race, gender, religion, operating system or browser. One of this  methods is using javascript libraries for rounding corners easily.  Fortunately, the web is full of javascript libraries, and rounding corners was once an important topic, so let’s see some options:

Finally, if you do not intend to use javascript for rounding corners (because you are looking for something more sofisticated, or you don’t like doing this kind of things by javascript), then take a look at this article about 25 techniques for rounding corners using CSS

Update: I’ve found ShadedBorder which looks great, and I think this is the one I’m going to use.

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